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Civil Services Prelims Solved Paper- Series B

1. Consider the following statements: 1.       Agricultural soils release nitrogen oxides into environment. 2.       Cattle release ammonia into environment. 3.       Poultry industry release reactive nitrogen compounds into environment Which of the statements given above is/are correct? A. 1 and 3 only B.  2 and 3 only C.  2 only D.   1, 2 and 3 ANSWER: D   2. What is common

Some Important Economic Terms

Fiscal Policy Fiscal policy pertains to public revenue (tax and non-tax sources of revenue) and Public Expenditure (Revenue Expenditure and Capital Expenditure). How and from which sources public revenue would be mobilized is one concern of the fiscal policy. The second concern how public expenditure would be allocated to different heads.

Great Chola Temples

Chola dynasty temples are mainly located around the state of Tamilnadu. The Great Chola Temples were constructed by Chola dynasty rulers. These Hindu temples were completed between early 11th and the 12th century CE. The monuments included in the UN Heritage sites are: the Brihadisvara Temple at Thanjavur, the Temple

Scientific Institution making in Independent India

The Bhabha Atomic Research Centre The Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) is India's premier nuclear research facility, headquartered in Trombay, Mumbai, Maharashtra. BARC is a multi-disciplinary research centre with extensive infrastructure for advanced research and development covering the entire spectrum of nuclear science, engineering and related areas. BARC's core mandate

Mughal Architecture: A Bird’s Eye View

Mughal Architecture   developed during the period of  Mughal rulers in the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries.  It is  an amalgam of Islamic, Persian, Turkish and Indian architecture. Some of the remarkable features of Moghul buildings include   a uniform pattern of structure and character, large bulbous domes, slender minarets at the

Great Geographical entities on earth: Where are they located?

The Himalayas The Himalayas form a mountain range in Asia, separating the plains of the Indian subcontinent from the Tibetan Plateau. The range has many of the Earth's highest peaks, including the highest, Mount Everest. The Himalayas include over fifty mountains exceeding 7,200 m (23,600 ft) in elevation, including ten of the fourteen 8,000-metrepeaks. By contrast, the highest peak outside Asia (Aconcagua, in the Andes) is

Filmfare Awards 2018

Some facts about Filmfare Awards The Filmfare ceremony is one of the oldest and most prestigious film events in India. The Filmfare Awards, presented by The Times Group, are a set of awards that honour artistic and technical excellence in the Hindi-language film industry of India. The awards were first introduced in 1954, the same

Indian Games: National Champions 2018-19

Santosh Trophy 2019 The 2019 Santosh Trophy Final was a match between Services and Punjab on 21 April 2019 in Ludhiana, Punjab in which the former won. The match was a culmination of the 2018–19 Santosh Trophy, the 73rd edition of the football competition contested by regional state associations and government institutions under the All India Football Federation. Services won their sixth title by defeating