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Probable Questions on Social Issues for Mains 2017


  1. What is blue whale threat facing the children? Why children have become more vulnerable to computer or mobile games? Will promotion of sports and constructive extra-curricular activities help curb this menace? Give reasons.
  2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of reservations in government jobs in India on the basis of economic criteria? Do you think that in the changing scenario “economic criteria” for reservation in government jobs would be a better criterion than “social criteria” in India? Give reasons.
  3. Why growth of middle class among the minority community in India is very sluggish? What are the advantages of a rising middle class in any community? Suggest measures to increase growth of middle class among the minority community.
  4. There are rising trends of vigilantism, mob justice and majoritarian nationalist assertion in India? What are the causes responsible for this trend? Evaluate its consequences on democracy, peace and fraternity.
  5. What are the main attributes of aspirational India? What is the socio-politico and economic significance of aspirational India?
  6. Domestic violence and violence in streets against women is on increase despite increase in education? What are the reasons for the same? Suggest measures to improve the situation.
  7. India should take quick measures to reap the advantages of demographic dividend; otherwise it will fizzle out soon. Comment.
  8. What do you mean by the concept of “missing girls” in demography? How can a new and recent trend of falling child sex ratio in hitherto well acclaimed states for gender equality be explained?
  9. What are the reasons for increasing suicides in urban areas? How is it different from farmers’ suicides in rural areas? Suggest measures to enhance immunity of young generation with regard to handling setbacks and psychological break down?
  10. “The media has largely followed the post truth process rather than informing, educating and bringing out truth in front of common man.” Do you agree? Give justification for your answer.
  11. Why is there increase in Child abuse in recent times? Is it justified for the women to join jobs in their lactating and fertile age? Critically examine the proposal of paternity leave by the Indian government on people’s demand.
  12. “Slummisation is the results of an skewed growth model and haphazard urbanization.” Do you agree? What is the importance of Swachha Bharat and Smart Cities schemes in this regard?

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