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How the North Korean Crisis reached saturation point in 2017

How the North Korea Crisis reached saturation point in 2017

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea) conducted a series of missile and nuclear tests in 2017 that demonstrated the country's ability to launch ballistic missiles beyond its immediate region and suggested that North Korea's nuclear weapons capability was developing at a faster rate than had been assessed by the U.S. intelligence community. This, coupled

Qatar Crisis: Why Qatar was isolated, is there an immediate chance of reconciliation between Arab neighbours?

Qatar Crisis

What is Qatar crisis?  Powerful Arab countries broke their diplomatic and other relations with Qatar, a tiny oil- and gas-rich Gulf state over its alleged support for terrorism. Qatar refused to comply with an initial list of 13 demands, saying it would not agree to any measures that threatened its sovereignty

Venezuela crisis: What next?

Venezuela Crisis

The  Crisis in Venezuela is the socioeconomic crisis that Venezuela has undergone since Hugo Chávez's tenure and which extended over the years into the current presidency of Nicolás Maduro. During the year 2016, for example, consumer prices rose 800%, the economy contracted by 18.6%, and hunger escalated to the point that the "Venezuela's Living Conditions Survey" (ENCOVI) found nearly 75

Iran Presidential election results show preference for a liberal and reformist leader

Iranian Presidential election

Nobody can describe the outcomes of Iran’s 2017 Presidential election better than Professor Hamid Dabashi at Columbia University- “ In a spectacular show of the democratic will of a nation against the entrenched theocratic institutions of a state, the overwhelming majority of Iranians have voted Hassan Rouhani back to office to continue

South Korea: The Challenges and prospects for the new president

South Korea: The Challenges and prospects for the new president

The 19th South Korean presidential election was held on 9 May 2017, after the impeachment and dismissal of Park Geun-hye. The election was conducted in a single round on a first-past-the-post basis. In the multiparty election the participating candidates included the Democratic Party's candidate, Moon Jae-in, former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, who declined to run in February, Ahn Hee-jung, People's Party’s  Ahn