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Twin Balance Sheet Problem with Indian characteristic and need for PARA

What is twin balance sheet problem? Twin balance sheet problem refers to simultaneous stress in the balance sheet of corporate sector as well as banks. Typically, countries with a twin balance sheet (TBS) problem follow a standard path. Their corporations over-expand during a boom, leaving them with obligations that they can’t

The Economic vision for precautious and cleavaged India

There is a pressure in India from some intellectual circles to change the approach towards development planning and become more pro market, pro private sector, private property and reduce excessive thrust on redistribution and “statist” intervention through subsidies and welfare programmes, because such elements in planning have been often populist,

Economy: News Nuggets July 17, 2017

Jan Dhan deposits touch Rs 64,564 cr  Jan Dhan deposits touch Rs 64,564 cr; Rs 300 cr added during demonetization – According to Government data, Deposits in Jan Dhan accounts have touched a new high of Rs 64,564 crore, of which over Rs 300 crore came in the first seven months of

News Nuggets Indian Economy (July 7, 2017)

GDP Growth- India likely to clock GDP growth of 6.9 % this fiscal, says BMI Research report - Indian economy is expected to recover in the coming quarters and the country is expected to clock a real GDP growth of 6.9% in this financial year, says a report.  According to a