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MCD Delhi Poll results and Implications

It is a third term straight for the BJP, which has won 64 of 104 wards in MCD North, 70 of 104 in MCD South and 48 of 64 in MCD East, well over the halfway mark in all three. In each, it has bettered last time’s performance. The MCD was split into three corporations in 2012.
BJ P has continued its winning spree. In the Delhi MCD results it remains ahead of AAP and Congress parties, AAP being at the second and Congress at the third place. One important reason for the loss of AAP may be the campaign of Swaraj Party, against AAP. Howsoever small the party is, but it came with the same thrust on change and development as AAP did. It has not mustered votes, but dented the image of AAP much by taking its misdemeanors and failures in front of people to the advantage of the BJP, facing corruption allegation during its MCD reign. Second reason may be the failure of AAP to deliver its promises to the people along with deliberate hurdles created by the BJP in the way of AAP, whenever it was trying to do anything. Thirdly BJP successfully washed its corruption during its ten year term in MCD by giving tickets to new candidates and not the incumbent ones. BJP also kept the Prime Minster Narendra Modi and Central Government Programmes at the centre of the campaign. Prime Minister Modi at present enjoys larger than size image and it worked in UP as wellas Delhi.
While BJP was doing and implementing its strategies to wash corruption allegation during its ten year term in the MCD, Congress was facing internal bickering and AAP remained in an asymmetric fight with the antagonistic Central Government led by the BJP. Lieutenant Governors of Delhi remained a constant hurdle to the Delhi Government because of their allegiance to Central Government technically and otherwise.
AAP failed to appreciate that Politics is not about ideals and principles only, but also about pragmatism. The AAP party would have risen in popularity rating by keeping the BJP led central government in good stead even without aligning with them in their style and thrust of doing politics.
Nevertheless, the most important reason is very fundamental. Arvind Kejrival pushed all talented people aside such as Prashant Bhushan, Yogendra Yadav, Anand Kumar, Anil Jha, Medha Patkar and many others who questioned, analysed and gave alternative views. Arvind Kejariwal preferred to reign like an unquestionable king and so he preferred the dwarf people around him. He has started paying the cost. It is same with the Narendra Modi. But time is in his favour.It will not be too long that anybody who is doing like this will have to pay the price, even Narendra Modi will not be an exception, if the trend continues.The origin of this kind of politics is traced to Mrs., Indira Gandhi and we know from history that dwarf people were not able to sail Mrs. Indira Gandhi through in crisis. Contrary to it Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru always preferred to be with people who questioned and gave alternative views. Kejariwal should learn the cunningness aspect as well as greatness aspect of politics- any one is not sufficient alone.
For the Congress Party, there are two most important lessons. A strong organization is a must for winning in politics in a big country like India. But organizations are not made in the AC Chambers of Delhi by two-three people in a feudal and undemocratic set up. If Congress wants to challenge many wrong things that BJP is doing, it should let all its talents, from national to regional level free in discussing, promoting and publicizing its principles in the narratives that people understand. It should try to promote regional leaders on the basis of talent and take every step to reduce internal squabbles. In MCD election and before that in Uttarakhand, internal squabbles became the main reason of rout of the party. Loyalty should not be a license for corruption or excesses; at least it should not appear to be so. That is what even Machiavelli said. For Rahul Gandhi’s rise, a party with great legacy should not be allowed to die. Rahul still may remain a prospective leader, but in mass campaigns, a political party needs communicators, organizers and vote mobilizes. If the people and the narrative would remain same, then Congress would have to wait for another anti-incumbency wave against the BJP. It is imperative to change narratives without changing the principles and allow the talented leaders to come out and serve the cause of party, principles and democracy.

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