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Loksabha elections 2019: Paradigms, priorities and narratives

There is one India which is longing about employment, food, shelter, affordable health and education and fighting destitution and displacement due to flawed development models. There is another India which is promoting cronyism and manipulating the system and institutions to serve its vested interest. The political class which should have ideally arbitrated between conflicting interests has decided to side with the so called “aspirational India, i.e. India gone mad(bauraya Bharat). The priorities of the common man has been set aside. Ram temple, Sabarimala, gauraksha and regressive notions of culture have sidetracked the main narratives of India with which the common man is bogged down. The issue of access to quality education, health, shelter and security have taken the rear seat in debates and discussions. One-up-manship and self righteousness is writ large. Pointing fingers to others is the order of the day. Unfortunately politics from top to bottom is dominated by mediocre and second or third best due to cowardice of the middle class and greed of the aspirational India.
The time in which we live is marked by constant bludgeoning and bulldozing of truth and that is what we call “post truth.” It is very difficult to judge where does actually truth lie because we have been encircled by “interpretations” and not by “truth” or unpolluted”information” and the purpose of fourth state seems to create confusion rather than clarity. They purportedly like Rama but support Ravana.
It is very difficult for voters to decide. But they must note that agricultural distress, unemployment, whimsical decisions like demonetisation, replacing institutions rather than making new ones or making robust the existing ones do matter. Now clash between executive and other organs of government is common place. Fathers complaining to police against rape of their daughters should not be killed. Public money should not be allowed to be laundered.The people with clout matter, the constitutional values are set in abeyance. The people of India are real sovereigns. They should not only vote carefully and with intelligence, but also reward or punish their leaders for success and failures. Good intentions and motives should also be rewarded despite initial setbacks.

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