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Internal Security: Probable Questions for Mains 2017


  1. What are the main features of New Armed Forces Doctrine Of India? What are its implications for India’s security and defense strategy in future?
  2. What do you mean by hot pursuit? In view of existing international laws, can India’s recent surgical strikes be justified?
  3. Naxalism in India is byproduct of inequality and exploitation on one hand and indoctrination of innocent people on the other? Explain. Has Naxalism changed its nature and scope of protest after adoption of the new economic policy? Give reasons.
  4. What are the main channels of money laundering? The menace of black money cannot be curbed till money laundering is not halted. Comment.
  5. Enlist various forms of cyber threats. What are the main reasons of rising cyber crimes in India? What are the legal provisions to control cyber crimes in India?
  6. Apart from bitter historical and social background, communal violence today is mainly a byproduct of the method of political mobilization in India. Do you agree? What are the legal provisions India to stop hate speeches and divisive and inciting methods of political mobilization in India?
  7. What are the main problems and challenges facing the Central Armed Police Forces of India? In recent years the Central Armed Police Forces of India have seen increase in casualties. Why? Has government taken any step for the modernization of Central Armed Police Forces?
  8. Do you agree that one of the main reasons of successful terrorist strikes destroying life and property of innocent people in India is lack of preemptive intelligence and coordination among intelligence institutions? Discuss the steps taken by government to improve coordination among the Indian Intelligence Institutions?
  9. Explain why the state of policing in Indian states is in shambles? Suggest measures for police reforms to enhance their efficiency in maintaining security as well as law and order.
  10. Use of pellet guns in Kashmir came for criticism because its made many protesters blind. What are the other options for use of force to handle violent protests in Kashmir with more humane methods?
  11. Why is there a tendency in media and human rights watch agencies to dramatize human rights of violent anti establishment mobs and not to talk about human rights of soldiers and police forces working in the regions infested with naxalism and secessionist insurgency or armed rebellion? Is use of human shield to fight violent insurgent mobs justified?
  12. What is AFSA? What are the advantages and disadvantages AFSA? Should we do away with AFSA?
  13. What is the importance of BSF in maintain security in India? Enlist the variety of problems faced by the BSF in India and suggest measures to overcome these problems?
  14. What is the role of media in maintaining peace and security in the country? Critically examine the negative and positive contributions of media in maintenance or breach of peace and security by citing examples? How can media be regulated to deliver its desired role?
  15. What do you mean by lone wolf terror acts? What are the reasons of such acts, especially seen in recent times in the US aand European countries?
  16. Terrorism cannot be curbed only by internal policing because today it is an internationally connected phenomenon in terms of planning, funding and execution? What are the possible ways to combat interconnected modern day terrorism?


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