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Civil Services Prelims Solved Paper- Series B

1. Consider the following statements: 1.       Agricultural soils release nitrogen oxides into environment. 2.       Cattle release ammonia into environment. 3.       Poultry industry release reactive nitrogen compounds into environment Which of the statements given above is/are correct? A. 1 and 3 only B.  2 and 3 only C.  2 only D.   1, 2 and 3 ANSWER: D   2. What is common

Great Chola Temples

Chola dynasty temples are mainly located around the state of Tamilnadu. The Great Chola Temples were constructed by Chola dynasty rulers. These Hindu temples were completed between early 11th and the 12th century CE. The monuments included in the UN Heritage sites are: the Brihadisvara Temple at Thanjavur, the Temple

Machiavelli: good to be bad

An introduction to Machiavelli’s infamous view of power politics Machiavelli is a pivotal figure in the history of political thought. His views of human nature, society and government mark a break with medieval philosophy and sixteenth century political thought based on assumptions about God’s purposes for man. Machiavelli divorced politics from Christian

Scientific Institution making in Independent India

The Bhabha Atomic Research Centre The Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) is India's premier nuclear research facility, headquartered in Trombay, Mumbai, Maharashtra. BARC is a multi-disciplinary research centre with extensive infrastructure for advanced research and development covering the entire spectrum of nuclear science, engineering and related areas. BARC's core mandate

United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change: From Montreal to Katowice

The world is facing climatic changes due to increased anthropogenic interventions in natural cycles in the industrial age. It was realized by the end of the twentieth century that the international fraternity should act together to halt adverse climatic changes produced by industrial and other activities, especially the activities which

Fresh Sanctions on Russia over Ukraine

According to the US Treasury statement (March  2019), the United States, in coordination with Canada and the European Union, has slapped new sanctions on more than a dozen Russian officials and businesses, citing Moscow's "continued aggression in Ukraine. Six Russian officials, six defence firms and two energy and construction firms were targeted, either over the seizure of

ISRO: Major Launches in 2018-19 and past

ISRO, India’s pride The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO)) is the space agency of the Government of India headquartered in the city of Bengaluru. Its vision is to "harness space technology for national development while pursuing space science research and planetary exploration." Indian National Committee for Space Research (INCOSPAR) was established by Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of the Indian Government  under the DAE