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Anglo-French rivalry In Carnatic

Carnatic became the theatre of a 20 years’ struggle between the French and the English for Supremacy, which ultimately resulted in the overthrow of the French power in India.

First Carnatic War (1745-48)

The English Navy under Barnatte captured the French ships in 1745 and Duplex, the French Governor captured Madras in 1746. The English made an appeal to the Carnatic Nawab Anwaruddin to secure Madras from the French. The French refused to obey the Nawab. The forces of Nawab and the French fought at St. Thome in which the Nawab was defeated. Finally, in 1748, the Anglo-French struggle in South India ended and the French restored Madras to the English.

Second Carnatic War (1749-54)

The French supported Muzaffar Jung of Hyderabad and Chanda Sahib of Carnatic. The English supported Nasir Jung in Hyderabad and Anwar-ud-din and his son Mohammad Ali in Carnatic. Initially the French succeeded in their plans but later the English under Robert Clive captured Arcote by defeating the French. The British executed Chanda Sahib and Mohammad Ali was made the Nawab of Carnatic. The French government recalled Duplex in 1754. However, the French position at Hyderabad was allowed to be held by their agents Bussy.

Third Carnatic War (1758-63)

The third Anglo-French War in India started with the outbreak of seven years’ war in Europe. In 1757, Clive captured Chandra Nagar. In 1760, the English General Eyri Coot in the famous battle of Wandiwash defeated Count de Lally the French governor. This marked the end of Anglo-French rivalry in south India.

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