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Reality about unemployment in India

Reality about unemployment in India

India, according to Census 2011, estimates its workforce at 402 million. According to the labour ministry, as of 2016, India’s labour market comprises more than 475 million people. Of this, it is estimated that less than 10% are in formal employment.The inability to create formal economy jobs haunted the United

Business Cycle, boom, bust, inflation and recession

business cycle

The primary goals of both fiscal policy and monetary policy are “growth” and “price stability.” Although growth in modern economies is understood to be the main concern of the fiscal policy, price stability is considered as the main concern of the monetary policy. Nevertheless, growth is not totally detached from

The $20 billion Flipkart-Walmart deal: Key facts

Walmart Inc. on Wednesday (May 09, 2018) announced its much-anticipated deal to buy a controlling stake in Indian e-commerce company Flipkart. The deal is the largest-ever in e-commerce, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. Bentonville, Arkansas-based Walmart will acquire a 77% holding in Flipkart Group for $16 billion, the companies said

Public Finance, Taxes and Fiscal Policy

Public Finance studies the finances of the government, i.e., government’s receipts (revenue receipts and capital receipts) and government’s expenditure (revenue expenditure and capital expenditure). Government’s revenue is called Public Revenue and government’s expenditure is called Public Expenditure. The classical theory and practice of economics were based on “Laissez Faire” or