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US-China trade war: Beijing hits back

China announced its first retaliation on March 23 against Donald Trump’s trade measures – levying a high tariff on steel and Aluminium (25 per cent and 10 percent respectively) and fresh tariffs on $50 billion of Chinese imports with indications of more protectionist measures in the future. The Chinese retaliation

Xi Jinping is re-elected as China’s president

Xi Jinping is re-elected as China's president

China’s  parliament unanimously re-elected (March 17) Xi Jinping as the country's president. Former top graft-buster (government’s anti corruption crusader) Wang Qishan, a key ally of President Xi Jinping, was also chosen as vice president on the same day. a widely-expected move that nonetheless breaks with convention and underlines Xi's dominant authority.The legislature

Rise of Magadha

Origins of the early state A new phase of political development in the Eastern Gangetic plains started when Koshala, Avanti, Vatsa and Magadha mahajanapadas established their hegemony over others. Rise of Magadha Bimbisara Magadha rose into prominence under the rule of Bimbisara of Haryanka dynasty.  Most probably, he overthrew the Brihadrathas from Magadha and