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Probable Questions on Social Issues for Mains 2017

  What is blue whale threat facing the children? Why children have become more vulnerable to computer or mobile games? Will promotion of sports and constructive extra-curricular activities help curb this menace? Give reasons. What are the advantages and disadvantages of reservations in government jobs in India on the basis

Economy: Probable Questions for Mains Exam

What are the main findings NCRB data on farmers’ suicide? Explain how farmers’ suicide in India is outcome of institutional and economic failure both. What are the basic flaws in loan waiver schemes? Suggest alternative measures to help farmers in distress. What are the main components of the third

Nobel Prize Winners (2017)

Nobel Prize Winners (2017)

  Noble for Physiology or Medicine -- Jeffrey C. Hall, Michael Rosbash Michael W. Young- "for their discoveries of molecular mechanisms controlling the circadian rhythm" Physics-- Rainer Weiss, Barry Barish, Kip Thorne- "for decisive contributions to the LIGO detector and the observation of gravitational waves" Chemistry-- Jacques Dubochet, Richard Henderson, Joachim Frank -

U.S. withdraws from UNESCO, the U.N.’s cultural organization, citing anti-Israel bias

The United States will withdraw from UNESCO at the end of next year, the US State Department said on October 12, to stop accumulating unpaid dues and make a stand on what it said is anti-Israel bias at the U.N.’s educational, science and cultural organization. In notifying UNESCO of the

Deflationary Impulses in the Indian economy and how to tackle it: National Economic Advisory Council

The economic survey 2016 had cautioned about the build-up of deflationary impulses in the economy that are weighing on an economy yet to gather its full momentum and still away from its potential. According to it the deflationary impulses included: stressed farm revenues, as non-cereal food prices have declined; farm