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The Idea of India- Hindutva and Hinduism

Today there are real threats to the idea of India- more from within than from without. In the competitive politics, the fault lines in the Indian society are being overplayed by the politicians to extract electoral advantages; it doesn’t matter to them even if this affects the fabric of India

Democratic despots

Democracy is equally revered and reviled by citizens of practising democracies. While the advocates of democracy highlight the virtues of the system, the detractors cite equally compelling arguments. The perceived “blessings” of choice, empowerment, voice in governance, and enfranchisement are ranged against the flip side of the democratic coin ~ conformism,

Bangladesh Prime Minister’s India visit

Bangladesh Prime Minister’s India visit

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina visited India during 7- 10 April. There were very “productive” talks between the two Prime Ministers, Narendra Modi and Sheikh Hasina during the visit. Prime Minister of Bangladesh said that the two countries have immense scope for cooperation. Bangladesh is looking to launch more trade

Australian PM Visit to India

PM of Australia-India Visit

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull arrived on a four day visit to India on April 9. Mr. Turnbull was received by Mr. Narendra Modi at Rastrapati Bhawan and was then accorded the ceremonial guard of honour in the forecourt of the presidential residence. This is Turnbull’s first bilateral visit to